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Ascension Marketing Group

We Take Marketing to a Higher Level.

Web Development

Is your website mobile? Does it look great on tablets as well as desktop? If not, let us create the most impressive and responsive websites for your company, opening your website traffic to mobile users as well as desktop users.

Excellent SEO

Your ranking on Google isn’t as high as you would like? Let us help you rise up through the ranks, appearing on the front page of google, increasing traffic for your website.

Email Marketing

Have an online presence but still not reaching your customers? The key to any marketing success is great Email Marketing. Let us help you reach more customers than ever before with personalized responsive emails!


Everything Your Business Could Need

Improving Your SEO

Ascend on Google Searches!

Having trouble driving traffic to your website? Worried people may not be able to find you? Your Google Ranking may be the problem. By applying top notch SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we can make your website ascend to the top of the front page.

Market Yourself with Email

Build Client Relationships Through Email!

Already have a great ranking on Google? Want a way to keep your customers more involved, keep them updated on special offers and discounts? Market to them through impressive HTML emails! Not only are our emails interesting and attention grabbing, they are completely responsive, looking great on any device!


Maintain an Online Presence

Reach to Clients Abroad

The key to maintaining a positive online presence is owning a website that loads quickly, looks beautiful on all platforms, and is easy to access. Our designers and programers are skilled in the ways of responsive and user friendly design as well as optimizing your site to load quickly on any device. We offer web services that feature creating new websites, redesigning websites, or just maintaining and optimizing your websites.

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